Those drunk on ethanol oppose Perry

National Journal:
Rick Perry has never pretended to be a friend to the ethanol industry.

In 2008, he urged the Bush administration to roll back the so-called "ethanol mandate'' which requires the federal government to annually boost biofuel production, mainly through corn-based ethanol. When he entered the race in August, renewable energy lobbyists said they would wait and see whether he would strike a different tone as a presidential candidate.

Well, now they've waited and seen, and they don't like it. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association put out a statement today that calls his oil-heavy energy plan "a one-two punch in Iowa's economic gut.'' It also assails the television ad he is running in Iowa that promotes oil and natural gas.
Perry has indicated that the subsidies for ethanol need to be phased out.  That is a winning position outside of Iowa where drivers suffer from the subsidy and the added cost to the country and to transportation.  consumers also suffer from the higher costs of food caused by the subsidy and its impact on where corn is sold and used.


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