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The US Navy robo war effort is moving forward

Real Clear Defense:
The Navy this week put on a two-day show that offered a peek into the future of high-tech combat. And the most important players happened to be robots.

At the 2017 advanced naval technology exercise, or ANTX, the Navy let the drones loose, hoping to demonstrate that robots have reached the point where they can be trusted to help protect ships, spy on enemy submarines and ward off aerial missile attacks.

The Navy’s push to turn more combat missions over to robots started years ago and is gaining new momentum as technology advances and leaders advocate for it. Newly sworn-in Navy Secretary Richard Spencer came out as a major proponent. “I think unmanned — both below the water, on the water and in the air — is an area we are just beginning to chip away at,” he told lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

At the tech demonstration that concluded on Wednesday, 24 events featured unmanned systems, said Jessica Shaffer, ANTX technical lead. They included a mix of drone aircraft, auton…

Trump ends Obama policy that attacked legitimate business by shutting off banking services

Washington Examiner:
The Trump administration has ended Operation Choke Point, the anti-fraud initiative started under the Obama administration that many Republicans argued was used to target gun retailers and other businesses that Democrats found objectionable.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd told GOP representatives in a Wednesday letter that the long-running program had ended, bringing a conclusion to a chapter in the Obama years that long provoked and angered conservatives who saw Choke Point as an extra-legal crackdown on politically disfavored groups.
... This policy was a clear abuse of power.  It was a Democrat party hit job on businesses they did not like.

Cyber war gets its own command

Washington Post:
Trump to elevate Cyber Command in effort to strengthen U.S. defenses

Cyber Command — currently part of the National Security Agency — will become the 10th unified command in the U.S. military, on par with main combatant bodies such as Central Command. I think this is over due.  Too often the US appeared to be caught flat footed during the Obama administration by cyber attacks from around the world.  China and Russia were some of the big players, but the US was also attacked by North Korea and Iran with mostly feeble responses.

Probably the same thing that happens to them at night?

NY Times:
What Happens to Solar Power in an Eclipse?
Grid operators will scramble when solar panels go dark — a rare trial run for a future in which the nation will be more reliant on renewable energy. Doesn't this happen to them every night?  The sun goes down and they no longer produce power.  It is one of their natural drawbacks.

Navy boost phase missile defense could counter North Korea

Boost-phase intercept (BPI) technology can provide an increase in the capabilities of the present U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System, especially in the context of the North Korean threat. BPI is attractive for several reasons, but is constrained by the attacking missile’s burn time and the speed of the interceptor. [iv] The principal advantage of BPI is its ability to alleviate the need to perform midcourse discrimination.

A boosting ballistic missile presents a large target with a bright signature, making detection and engagement easier. Since countermeasures generally are not deployed during the boost phase, the missile presents a single target for engagement. [v] , [vi] The ability to avoid discrimination that all mid-course intercepts require is particularly valuable. According to a 1999 National Intelligence Estimate, countries with the capability of building long-range missiles also have the capability to build countermeasures to defeat such discrimination. [vii]


Don't give the fraudulent named Antifa a pass

Jonah Goldberg:
Fighting Nazis doesn’t make ‘antifa’ the good guys They really are not that different from the Nazis.
Part of the problem is psychological. There’s a natural tendency to think that when people, or movements, hate each other, it must be because they’re opposites. This assumption overlooks the fact that many — indeed, most — of the great conflicts and hatreds in human history are derived from what Sigmund Freud called the “narcissism of minor differences.”
... This was true of the events in Charlotteville, but attacks on conservative speech are not limited to Nazis.  The Antifa goons were involved in the violent attacks on police and businesses on Trump inauguration day too.

The left's anti free speech goons

NY Times:
‘Antifa’ Grows, Swinging Fists at Far Right
The clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters has brought new attention to a coalition of radicals unafraid to scuffle with right-wing extremists. These fascists are the aggressors in a war on free speech and they should not be treated as worthy of respect.   They even go by a fraudulent name, Antifa or Anti-fascists.  They are the militant wing of the Democrats just like the KKK was and their goal is to suppress and intimidate those who do not agree with them.  Just like the KKK, they wear masks to hide their identity.  They wear all black rather than white sheets.  In Charlottesville, they were the aggressors in the conflict.  That is something many in the media have tried desperately to avoid.

Plaintiffs in IRS Tea Party abuse case ordered to cough up more discovery

Washington Times:
‘Lay it on the line’: Judge in tea party case orders IRS to disclose employee names, reasons I suspect if they keep digging they will find more evidence of Democrats in Congress pushing for the attacks on people they saw as political enemies.  They may also find ties to DOJ and the White House.

Open borders crowd still practicing the politics of fraud

Washington Examiner:
Six bogus arguments against Trump's immigration reform bill It has become hard to have a serious debate on the issue with those who want no limiting principles that effect letting anyone who wants in to come to the US even if it could be a couple of billion people added to welfare rolls.

The political craziness that followed the events of a riot in Virginia

David Goldman:
Future historians will find it ridiculous, but the response to a few hundred white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia will be the trigger for a realignment of American politics. Polite opinion, which includes Establishment political leaders, corporate CEOs, religious leaders of virtually all denominations, the universities and the press, abhor Donald Trump for his alleged moral equivalence between the Charlottesville neo-Nazis and the demonstrators who opposed them. Trump did no such thing, but he did something less pardonable altogether: He split the country along the fracture line of political correctness.

We are in terra incognita for American politics, and predictions are unreliable especially when they concern the future. Nonetheless I believe that the storm of opprobrium that broke upon Donald Trump this week will dissipate, and when the dust settles, the United States will have a different political alignment. Trump’s populism will split both the Republica…

Navy finds heroes and faults in the disastrous collision of a destroyer with a tanker

Navy Times:
Fitzgerald’s CO and sailors standing watch face discipline in fatal collision When you read the story of the survivors it is pretty silent on what those on watch were doing in the lead-up to the collision other than not being are of the danger until it was too late to maneuver to avoid it.   The report indicates that those on watch will face "nonjudicial" punishment, which means the public may never know exactly how they failed to see the disaster approaching them.

You can read the heroic effort to save the crew and the ship in this piece:

“Water on deck!” “Get out!” — The Navy's official report of the Fitzgerald's catastrophe at sea

Sailors had less than a minute to escape as seawater blasted through a massive hole in the destroyer Fitzgerald after a container ship struck its starboard side on June 19. It is a long piece but it is as gripping as a good novel.

The limitations of the statue wars of the left

Polling shows that 62 percent of voters oppose the left's war on statues.  While that alone will not stop them from pursuing the destruction of historical artifacts, it could have long term consequences for their election prospects.

People who would oppose the destruction Roman artifacts in Syria or Buddist artifacts in Afghanistan are all too eager to destroy the artifacts of a failed revolution in the US.  But if you weighed the cultural differences of the Romans with that of the Southern generals you would find the Romans were a much more brutal culture who even nailed an innocent man to a cross to please a mob.  The Romans routinely made slaves of defeated enemies.  Yet we still treasure the artifacts of their culture and study what they did despite their flaws.

The Confederate generals were also flawed men, but we can still learn from them.  One thing that should be more obvious than it is, is the mistake of backing an attempt to leave the union.  It is a mistake that is open…

Did Obama's bad deal with Iran fund missile building facility in Syria?

New imagery released by imageSat, which operates Israel’s EROS-B satellite, reportedly show the first ever Scud missile factory being built inside wartorn Syria.

The pictures from a site near Latakia on the Syrian-government controlled coastline resembles a missile plant in Tehran, Israeli media reports said on Tuesday.

Experts told Channel 2 the sophisticated construction could not have been undertaken without Iranian experts operating inside Syria. They believe the facility, on which work began at some point last year, has both production and underground storage capabilities of long-range missiles which are capable of striking Israel. They believe it will be completed by the end of 2017

Israel's main worry as the more than six-year-long conflict next door in Syria has evolved has become Iran’s political influence over the government of Bashar al-Assad, and the presence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah and Shia militias which take part in the fighting.


Navy rail gun moves to a new stage of testing for rapid fire

Scout Warrior:
Navy Rail Gun to Test Rapid Fire & Move Closer to Combat

Propelled by an electrical current and traveling at speeds up to Mach 7.5, the US Navy's Hyper Velocity Projectile can shoot out of a rail gun to destroy enemy ships, vehicles This gun could bring increased range and lethality while reducing cost.

Some decent people step forward as attending the rally over the statues

New York Times: Some Charlottesville Protesters Were Not White Supremacists, Nazis Now that the Times has found some people to support the President's contention about those who attended teh gathering in Virginia will his critics back off?  Probably not.  They are the new McCarthyites who blast people as being racists, bigots etc. just because they do not like their politics.

Obama made US more vulnerable to missile attacks from North Korea

Phillip Devoe:
It is true that Barack Obama left behind a significant missile-defense legacy: By cutting programs before they were complete, slashing defense funding, and embracing a risky and unproven strategy, he left the United States vulnerable to ICBM attacks from hostile nations such as North Korea and Iran.

The story begins with President Bill Clinton, who in 1993 cancelled the Ground-Based Interceptors (GBI) program — a component of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system, which can protect against ICBMs and is located at Fort Greely, Alaska, and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. By 2008, President George W. Bush had asked for 44 GBIs, but Obama cut the program back to 30 within weeks of his inauguration. Ten of these GBIs were slated to be based in Poland, but they were cut along with a Ground-Based Radar in the Czech Republic, which not only made the U.S. more vulnerable to threats from Iran, but appeased Russia. Moscow celebrated the European GBI cancell…

ISIS admits guilt in van terror attack in Spain

NY Times:

Van Driver Kills 12 in Barcelona Attack
80 Injured in Tourist District; ISIS Claims Responsibility

A van hit pedestrians in the center of the Spanish city in what the police called a terrorist attack. Two men were in custody.

Witnesses said the driver weaved back and forth, apparently trying to hit as many people as he could. This fits the ISIS MO by using a large rental van for the mass murder attack.  It is similar to other recent attacks in Europe and the UK.  Trump has condemned the attacks and so far the media has not questioned his sincerity.

Bannon not influenced by 'alt-right'

NY Times:
Bannon Mocks Colleagues and ‘Alt-Right’ in Interview In an interview he said he believed was private, Stephen K. Bannon described the alt-right as a “collection of clowns” and lashed out at rivals in the Trump administration. I have never met anyone that I knew to be in the alt-right and I have been an active conservative blogger since at least 9-11.  I had never even heard of these people before they were used as a reason to oppose Trump and Bannon.  They appear to be the useful idiots of the leftist attack machine.

The Times leads with a blatantly false assertion that Trump defended white supremacists

NY Times:
Trump Opens Breach With Party, Military and Industry
In the wake of his defense of white supremacists, President Trump was abandoned by executives, contradicted by military leaders and shunned by Republicans.According to close aides, the president said he felt liberated by his news conference and viewed it as his latest retort to a political establishment trying to tame his impulses. People have been reacting to the false narrative pushed by the NY Times and Washington Post that Trump was defending the very people he called bad.  This is a grossly misleading characterization of what he said and they should retract it.  This distortion is the reason for all the criticism.  The media needs to look at its on visceral hatred that is demonstrated in stories like this.

Venezuela can't feed its own troops it uses to thwart the will of the people

Miami Herald:
Armed Venezuelan soldiers caught in Guyana begging for food This is another example of the inherent incompetence of socialism in Venezuela.

Renewed interest in offshore drilling in Gulf of Mexico

Major oil producers pushed up high bids at a Gulf of Mexico offshore auction to $121 million on Wednesday, a nearly seven-fold increase from a year ago, as their return to deep water exploration gained momentum.

This compared with $18 million in high bids at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) Outer Continental Shelf auction last summer.

Winners will be announced after a 90-day review.

Some producers have signaled that they expect Gulf of Mexico projects to become more profitable now that they have trimmed operations to adapt to low oil prices. Offshore drilling typically requires higher prices for producers to break even.

Royal Dutch Shell claimed the largest number of blocks, with 19 high bids valued at a combined $25.1 million. Chevron Corp followed with 15 high bids totaling $27.9 million. Anadarko Petroleum Corp won 10 blocks for $10.6 million. Exxon Mobil Corp took seven blocks of land for $20.4 million.
... The oil recovery continues to expand and is no …

Other leftist groups are colluding with the violent liberal fascists of Antifa

Conservative Review:
Wondering why so much of the Left in America continues to be silent — if not rationalizing — in the face of extremist left-wing groups like “Antifa”?

It might be because much of the mainstream Left has chosen to link up with radical, fringe organizations that agree with much of Antifa’s communist/socialist/anarchist ideology.

In a blog post this week, the Indivisible guide — a leftist organization that forms coalitions of groups to advocate for leftist causes — has detailed how in the wake of the Charlottesville mayhem this past weekend, traditional left-of-center groups have thrown their weight behind the revolutionary Left.

Indivisible revealed that a conglomerate has formed to “stand in solidarity with Charlottesville.”

While the coalition involves recognizable groups like the Obama-founded Organizing for Action (OFA), the Center for American Progress,, the National Education Association (NEA), and other standard actors, it also includes openly extremist…

The media distorted Trump's words about violence in Virginia

John Lott:
Has the media ever so deliberately and consistently misinterpreted what a president said?

It certainly seems as if the media finally found its proof that President Trump is a racist. ABC News’ coverage was all too typical:

Trump quickly blamed both sides for the conflict, adding that there were "very fine people" among both the protesters — which included white supremacists and white nationalists — and the counterprotesters.

"I think there is blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there is blame on both sides," Trump said today. "You had some very bad people in that group. You also had some very fine people on both sides," he added.
With wall-to-wall news coverage repeating this misreading of Trump’s statement, it’s not too surprising that politicians from both parties quickly condemned the “very fine people” comment. NBC’s headline read: “Democratic, Republican Lawmakers Decry Trump’s Latest Charlottesville Remarks.” Ohio Gov. Jo…

Iran unlikely to be found in compliance with Obama's bad deal


The next certification to Congress is due in mid-October and the odds of it surviving seem slight. Not only is Trump pre-disposed to pulling out of the deal, Iran is making it very easy for him to do so.

According to the text of the agreement passed by Congress, the key benchmark for evaluating the deal is Iranian compliance with UNSCR 2231. If that is the standard, Iran is out of compliance in a way that cannot be cured.

Iran was already violating that part of UNSCR 2231 by transferring weapons to proxies in Yemen: in June the U.N. documented multiple transfers through existing routes, and later Reuters documented additional transfers going through Kuwaiti waters.

The German daily Welt revealed Iran is separately violating UNSCR 2231 by transferring weapons to Russia for maintenance via Syria. The article is in German but Google Translate is good enough to get what’s going on – the transfers are happening and they’re a violation of the resolution – plus Welt published a …

Rent seekers look to slow LNG exports

Fuel Fix:
Manufacturers urge Perry to slow LNG exports
A lobbying group representing U.S. manufacturers says the Department of Energy's continued approval of new LNG export terminals could significantly deplete American natural gas supplies within a little more than three decades.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry Wednesday, the Industrial Energy Consumers Alliance asked he stop approving new LNG export terminals that will send American natural gas to countries without which the United States has a free trade agreement - as it does with Mexico and Canada.
... The group also opposed the initial LNG facilities used to cool the gas for export. These exports have had little effect on the price of natural gas, and if anything has increased the supply. They appear to be relying on old data which significantly understated the existing supply of natural gas.


But estimates on domestic reserves are notoriously conservative, and executives in the natural gas industry believe that…

Fracking sand mining in West Texas is reducing the cost of shale wells

Fuel Fix:
One of the U.S. oil industry's biggest bottlenecks in West Texas will soon clear up dramatically as new sand mines open in the oil-rich Permian Basin.

Sand suppliers like U.S. Silica and Fairmount Santrol plan to build several local mines in the region over the next 18 months, with a combined annual output of roughly 55 million tons of sand, which is a critical ingredient in the slurry that frackers fire underground to snap dense oil-bearing rock formations.

For many U.S. drillers, the construction of these West Texas sand mines would eliminate the need for expensive rail transportation from white sand mines in Wisconsin, shedding up to 40 percent of the cost of getting sand to fracking sites scattered across the Permian, according to oil field service company Halliburton and consultancy IHS Markit.
... This is yet another way that shale producers are becoming more efficient and more competitive with OPEC.   It will also make the Permian wells more competitive with other sh…

Many in the media still in denial about the violence of the alt-left

Eddie Scarry reports on media reaction to Trump's use of the term as if they have never heard it before, but some have actually written about it.

Others are finally starting to notice that Antifa is a violent group that is a danger to this country.  Here is an excerpt of a report by an AP writer published in the Daily Caller.
In the days since violent clashes at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville culminated in a neo-Nazi sympathizer driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, journalists have mainstreamed the self-described “anti-fascists” (or “antifa”) at the rally — largely ignoring their involvement in the escalating political violence in this country.

Many establishment political figures insisted the far-left actors were just like American soldiers on D-Day. But these “anti-fascists'” own statements show they’re nothing like American soldiers on D-Day.

They aren’t interested in protecting America’s system of government, according to their own statements — …

Norks have a collection of WMD that would have made Assad jealous

Fox News:
Amid the stunning revelations of advancements in North Korea's nuclear missile program, experts say there's another weapon in Pyongyang’s arsenal the world should keep a close eye on.

Kim Jong Un’s military has been collecting large stockpiles of nerve agents, such as sarin and VX, that could target U.S. military bases in the region and large cities like Seoul and Tokyo, according to a new report.

“Nuclear weapons are not the only threat,” Kelsey Davenport, director of non-proliferation policy for the Arms Control Association told the McClatchy Washington Bureau. “North Korea could respond to a U.S. attack using chemical weapons. That would be devastating.”

While Pyongyang officials deny the rogue regime possesses chemical weapons, the country began developing chemical weapons in 1961 amid rising tensions at that time.

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology reports the country has four military bases equipped with chemical weapons and at least 11 facilities …

The alt left is much more violent

Paul Waldman:

Sorry, but there’s no equivalence between the extreme right and the extreme left Waldman and others on the left are engaged in willful blindness when it comes to the liberal fascists and their violent military wing that goes by the fraudulent title of Antifa.  Here is a list of their recent attacks.

I have been a conservative blogger since shortly after 9-11.  I have attended several conservative gatherings and had never even heard of the "alt-right" before last year's election and have still never met anyone associated with it.  The groups that gathered in Virginia was still tiny compared to the liberal fascists who have engaged in mayhem and violence this year at several locations including Trump's inaugurations.

They have become the black dressed and masked KKK of the Democrat party attacking conservatives gatherings and destroying property.  You can find pictures of them swinging clubs at the Virginia event.  They are at war with the 1st amendment a…

A stunningly dishonest analysis by the Times

NY Times:
Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost
When Mr. Trump equated anti-racism protesters with neo-Nazis, he legitimized white supremacists like no modern president. Trump was unequivocal in his in his condemnation of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  What he condemned about the liberal fascists was their violence which has been on display across the country ever since his inauguration.

There have been many more violent riots by the fraudulently named Antifa than there have been by anyone else.  The media seeks to ignore their culpability in instigating violence apparently because they are attacking conservatives as well as the demonstrators in Virginia.

Antifa has become an anti free speech movement and it looks like the Times writers think they will be last to be attacked by this mob violence by leftists.

Here is another example of the media siding with liberal fascism:
Trump provokes new furor by giving foes of white supremacists equal blame

Making excuses for …

Will the Democrats' history of racism lead to their own downfall?

Washington Times:
Limbaugh to activists targeting historical monuments: ‘Get rid of the Democrat Party’

Host: ‘The Klan was all Democrats, and the segregationists in the South were all Democrats’ There is an idea worth debating.

Drilling permits in Texas nearly double this year

Accounting for about half of all the active rigs in the United States, the energy regulator in Texas said total drilling permits nearly doubled from last year.

The Railroad Commission of Texas, the state energy regulator, said it issued 1,011 original drilling permits last month, compared with the 631 issued in July 2016. Of those, 893 were for drilling new oil or natural gas wells.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas shale is the most productive in the nation. Based on its latest drilling productivity report, the EIA expects production from the Permian shale basin to increase 2.5 percent from July for about 2.5 million barrels per day. Eagle Ford production would increase 2 percent to 1.38 million barrels per day if EIA forecasting is accurate.

A report from global consulting firm McKinsey & Co. found that, under a scenario where crude oil prices move above $60 from 2019, output from the Permian shale basin in Texas, one of the more lucrative reser…

Inventory of uncompleted wells on the rise in Permian Basin

Fuel Fix:
West Texas drillers again left scores of untapped wells in their wake last month as they drilled and pumped even more oil into the oversupplied market.

Last month, oil companies left 135 more wells dormant in the Permian Basin, bringing the inventory of so-called drilled but uncompleted wells to 2,330, up 73 percent compared to last July, according to the Energy Department.

Once those wells are brought into production, they could add hundreds of thousands of oil barrels to the nation's surging output each day – even as OPEC tries to cut global supplies to support crude prices, which have stalled under $50 a barrel. In the Permian Basin, the average well comes online producing 400 barrels of oil a day, according to the consultancy Drillinginfo in Austin.

The U.S. oil industry's large buildup in untapped wells isn't really intentional. During the two-year energy bust, several big producers said they'd still drill some wells but they wouldn't frack them, keepin…

The Trump policies are better for blacks than Obama's

Stephen Moore:
OPINION | Why Trump is better for black America than Obama ever was

Barack Obama, our first black president, won well over 90 percent of the black vote, yet from an economic perspective he delivered poor results. Black incomes from 2009 to 2014 fell more for blacks than any other racial or ethnic group. Just as an example of good intentions run amok: policies like raising the minimum wage increases had a statistically significant negative effect on black teenage labor force participation rates.

I would argue that two factors hold back economic progress for blacks: a lack of jobs in inner cities and poor educational opportunities. On both of these, Trump is delivering positive results. The black unemployment rate has fallen by a full percentage point in the last year, black labor force participation is up, and the number of black Americans with a job has risen by 600,000 from last year. Preliminary data show black wages and incomes up since the election.
... There is …

Russia alleged to be supplying Iran in violation of Obama's nuclear deal

Legal Insurrection:
In what could be one of the most serious violations of the Iran Nuclear Deal so far, Russia may be involved in secret weapons deals with Tehran. The allegations were made by the German newspaper Die Welt, citing Western intelligence agencies — often a shorthand for Germany’s foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).
Die Welt, Germany’s most-read newspaper, published a satellite image showing Iranian military aircraft on the Russian airbase located inside the Syrian territories currently under the control of the Assad Regime. According to the newspaper, intelligence sources have confirmed the existence of a “new smuggling route between Russia and Iran” that runs through Assad-held Syria. On two occasions, Iranian planes delivered military equipment to the Russian airbase that was reportedly shipped to Russia for maintenance purposes.

Under the terms of the Obama-backed Iran Nuclear Deal Framework announced in April 2015, to which Russia is also a sign…

Iran explains the weakness of Obama's bad nuke deal

Washington Examiner:
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: We could restart 'advanced' nuke program 'within hours' This is what critics of the deal pointed out from the beginning.  It is also what will happen at the end of the deal in a few years anyway.  It is also possible that Iran will take some of the money Obama gave them and buy a nuke from North Korea and put it on one of the ICBMs it is building.

Liberal fascists attack police in Chicago

Chicago police clashed with members of a local Antifa group outside a Cook County courthouse Tuesday evening. Three protesters were detained.

The violent Antifa activists gathered outside the Cook County courthouse at Belmont and Western starting around 2 PM, claiming to protest a hearing of a man they say is a “white supremacist,” DNA Info reported.

Police approached the protesters and asked them to stop blocking the streets and to move their marching to a sidewalk, but as the discussion continued, at least one protester began to scuffle with officers.

In seconds, several protesters jumped in and began a brawl with police.
... There are videos of the attacks at the link above.  There is something wrong with these people that the mainstream media seems eager to ignore.

Media can't handle the truth about Charlottesville violence

Power Line:
This afternoon President Trump conducted an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower. Asked about Charlottesville, Trump said there was blame on both sides. The press went ballistic: A combative President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday “there is blame on both sides” for the deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, appearing to once again equate the actions of white supremacist groups and those protesting them. In the AP’s telling, the antifas were just “protesting” the white supremacists. No mention of fighting, no reference to baseball bats. The president’s comments effectively wiped away the more conventional statement he delivered at the White House one day earlier when he branded members of the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists who take part in violence as “criminals and thugs.” Why? There is no inconsistency between neo-Nazis being criminals and thugs and antifas sharing the blame for the violence in Charlottesville. They are criminals and thugs, too. …

More evidence of Democrat misconduct in drafting Obamacare

Washington Post:
Ending Obamacare subsidies would increase premiums by 20 percent in 2018, CBO says

The move could lead some insurers to withdraw from the program, potentially leaving five percent of Americans living in areas with no insurance options next year, the Congressional Budget Office said. The courts found that Obama's use of these subsidies without Congressional authorization was illegal.  That is why Trump could just cut them off because the law did not provide for them to begin with.  It became a hidden and illegal cost perpetrated by Democrats when they came up with their terrible health care law.

This is why this law should be repealed and a new law should replace it that makes more sense.

Will the media quit ignoring the liberal fascists and their Brownshirt wing that calls itself Antifa?

NY Times:
Behind ‘Many Sides’ Remark, a Conservative View of Left Extremism
The president’s reluctance to single out the far right reflects a widely held conservative belief that the media overlooks left-wing extremism. The liberal fascists have been responsible for almost all political violence since the inauguration of Trump until they clashed with the neo Nazis and white nationalists in Virginia.   These people usually wear masked to hide their identity and dress all in black.  They carry clubs and baseball bats for attacking conservatives and Trump supporters and for damaging property.

It should be noted that there was no violence on the first day of the events in Virginia.  The violence happened on the second day when the Antifa showed up and attacked people.   That the media gave them a pass in the Virginia violence is seen as rank media bias.  It is wrong to defend the neo-Nazis and it should be just as wrong to ignore the violence caused by the liberal fascists.

Even when the me…

How the Trump administration pushed North Korea back from the brink

Austin Bay:
The Trump administration’s “pressure strategy” is disrupting the North Korean regime.

In March of this year, the Trump foreign policy team of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and the Tweeter-in-Chief himself began a coordinated attack on Kim Jong-un’s regime, with the interim goals of disrupting its political and military plans, psychologically rattling its leaders, and exposing the regime’s grave weaknesses. The ultimate goal was to set conditions for achieving the long-range goal: denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

The great Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said that the best strategy is to attack the enemy’s plans. With a soldier-scholar like Jim Mattis in the Trump administration, a stroke or two of Sun Tzu should surprise no one.

As a result, the Trump team is taking diplomatic, economic and military actions—not drawing feckless rhetorical red lines. Its actions are seizing the initiative, limiting the enemy’s options, and exploiting the …

Burying the lead on Trump-Russia story

Washington Post:
Trump campaign emails show aide’s repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings

A new batch of communications turned over to congressional committees reveals concerns within the campaign about establishing contacts. Apparently, a low-level staffer kept suggesting setting up an open meeting with Russian leaders, and he kept being rebuffed by campaign leaders including Manafort.  A fairer headline would show that the Trump campaign rebuffed request for meeting with the Russians during the campaign.  But then that would not fit the media narrative and their discredited collusion meme.

Bannon could be more effective in fighting liberal fascism outside the White House

NY Times:
Bannon in Limbo as Trump Faces Growing Calls for the Strategist’s Ouster The president’s delay in denouncing neo-Nazis in Charlottesville has put new pressure on Stephen K. Bannon, who ran the Breitbart website. If Bannon were back at Breitbart he could probably be more outspoken in fighting the evils of liberalism.  Other than liberal hatred for all who disagree with them, it is hard to see what the gripe is about Bannon's conduct in the White House. If he were outside the White House he would be unleashed and able to expose liberal hate groups and those who fund them.

'American ISIS' as liberals destroy historical artifacts?

Washington Times:
Protesters in Durham, North Carolina, tear down large Confederate memorial statue The motives appear to be similar to ISIS.  They want to destroy the relics of a culture they detest.

Man behind the Virginia demonstrations used to be associated with left wing Soros sponsored group

The problem with solar energy

Norman Rogers:
Utility scale solar in the sunniest climates can generate electricity for about 7 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh). Outside of the sunny south the cost is about 9 cents per KWh. Most of the cost is capital cost, amortized over the life of the plant. Government subsides often cut the price in half for users of solar electricity.

Residential rooftop solar, under the best conditions, may generate electricity for about 15 cents per KWh. Usually the cost will be considerably higher. Not everyone’s roof faces south and not everyone lives in a sunny climate.

A fundamental error is to suppose that if solar could generate electricity at a cost equal to conventional generators it would be competitive. The leading type of conventional generator is combined cycle natural gas. These plants can generate electricity at a cost approaching 3.6 cents per KWh, or 2 to 3 times cheaper than solar. In order to be competitive, solar has to generate power not just cheaper than the alternative…

A comprehensive list of violent protest by liberal fascists

Erick Erickson:
Ben Domenech, no fan of the alt-right, got labeled as a member of the alt-right for pointing out the following:
Oakland 2009, Akron 2009, Pittsburgh 2009, Santa Cruz 2010, Oakland 2010, Los Angeles 2010, Oakland 2011, Chicago 2012, Anaheim 2012, Brooklyn 2013, Ferguson 2014, New York City 2014, Baltimore 2015, Anaheim 2016, Chicago 2016, St Paul 2016, Milwaukee 2016, Charlotte 2016, Standing Rock 2016, Oakland 2016, Portland 2016, Washington DC 2017, Berkeley 2017, Anaheim 2017, Berkeley (again) 2017, Berkeley (again again) 2017, Olympia 2017, and Portland 2017. This is a list of overwhelmingly leftist protests [that turned violent]. There is no comparable list of “alt-right” protests. Though there have been some, there have not been as many. The violence at these events has included molotov cocktails, shattered windows, punches thrown, and public property destroyed. Last night, a group of leftwing activists tore down a confederate statue without permission.

But in poin…

From 'fake news' to 'hate news' how left wing media can't be appeased by Trump statements

Washington Examiner:
While many Republicans and Democrats alike think President Trump's Monday rebuke of the racists who rallied in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend was too little, too late, he and some of his most loyal followers have learned a different lesson from the episode: Trump critics can never be appeased.

The president himself tweeted that he "made additional remarks on Charlottesville" only to be reminded that the "fake" news media "will never be satisfied." "Truly bad people!" Trump concluded.

Trump later retweeted a prominent alt-right Twitter user asking why the media was not more interested in the shootings that took place in Chicago over the weekend.

Donald Trump Jr., the president's oldest child, arrived at a similar conclusion. "Unfortunately, it will never be enough," Trump Jr. tweeted in response to the criticism of his father's second, fuller set of remarks condemning white supremacists Monday. &…

The rise of the violent liberal fascists

The violence and murder of a protester in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend has been attributed to far-right elements that descended on the city to demonstrate against the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate war hero Robert E Lee.

President Donald Trump drew widespread criticism on Saturday when he said that there was violence on "many sides" in Charlottesville and initially neglected to explicitly censure the white supremacists who organised the rally.

On Monday, he bowed to pressure to castigate the KKK, white supremacists and neo-nazis.

But many conservatives say blame should be shared by Antifa, a loosely affiliated group of far-left protesters.

Critics argue the media tends to excuse violence by Antifa militants just because they are fighting white supremacists and their odious ideology.

The social causes of Antifa (short for anti-fascist or Anti-Fascist action) are easily identifiable as left-leaning.

Most members oppose all forms of racism and sexism,…

North Korea just blinked in its threat against Guam

Wall Street Journal:
North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat

Kim Jong Un warns he could change his mind if the U.S. persists in ‘extremely dangerous reckless actions’ I suspect they have not terminated their long term plan to go nuclear, but they are not ready to take on the US military at this point.

More mishandled Clinton emails surface

Washington Times:
The Hillary Clinton email fiasco isn’t ending anytime soon, with State Department officials saying they have no idea when they will finish sorting though and releasing the previously hidden messages.

More classified documents that the former secretary of state improperly handled keep coming to light.

The Trump administration doesn’t even know if it has hunted down every trace of the emails that Mrs. Clinton — a former first lady, U.S. senator, top diplomat and Democratic presidential nominee — sent from a secret email server stashed in her home.

“At this time, we do not have an estimate for completion of processing all of these documents,” a State Department official told The Washington Times.

In February 2016, the State Department completed a review of the roughly 30,000 emails that Mrs. Clinton turned over in December 2014, nearly two years after she left office.

The FBI last summer gave the State Department tens of thousands of additional emails from its investigation,…

Liberal fascists show their true colors

PJ Media:
'Anti-Fascists' Applaud Speech Made Completely of Hitler Quotes This report is from a month ago, but it is an important reminder of who these people are and it seems clear that the mainstream media is not likely to expose these fascists who greatly outnumber the neo-Nazis they have been on a tear about.  The real neo-Nazis also have a home on the left and they call themselves Antifa or Resistance.

US military has a symphony of attacks if needed to counter North Korean nukes

Washington Post:
U.S. ready to use ‘full range’ of military force against North Korea if diplomacy fails, Joint Chiefs chairman says

Gen. Joseph Dunford applied additional pressure on Pyongyang during an Asia tour to calm fears of nuclear conflict. This suggests that the US will not just try to shoot down are attack missile launches.  Instead, North Korea will suffer coordinated attacks from several sources.  Given the threat posed by North Korea, this makes the most sense and makes it more difficult for North Korea to leaks some missiles toward targets in teh US or at allies.

Liberal media has become an open hate group

Charles Hurt:
Between alt-right and ‘antifa,’ media still manages to be worse

But what exactly is this so-called “alt-right” the Stupid Media keeps talking about? Best I can gather, it’s racists who are not totally racist. Or not as racist as “white nationalists.” Or, maybe, it’s racists who like black people. Or maybe it is just people who voted for Donald Trump. Who knew Mr. Obama’s “postracial” America would be so damned confusing?
... While Hurt focusing on an awkward interview with the driver of a Charger accused of a killing, I have come to see the media's coverage of this event as a serial hate filled rant against the President rather than the white nationalists and the liberal fascist who were engaged in a confrontation.

Did Ukraine have a roll in Nork missile development?

NY Times:
North Korea’s Missile Success Is Said to Be Linked to Ukraine
Investigators are focusing on a Ukrainian factory as a black-market source for North Korea, a new report and classified intelligence assessments say. If this is proved to be true, it could lead to sanctions against an already fragile regime.

Here are more details on the Ukraine connection without a paywall.

A devastating response to snark from NY Times writer

Caleb Howe:
WOW Did Ted Cruz Just Bring The Hammer Down On Twitter The writer suggested Rubio and Cruz were posturing for a future run for office.  Cruz's response:

Gosh, you're right. Because Nazis & the Klan have such love for Cuban-Americans. If only we worked for a paper that shilled for Stalin.... … Get more detail on the exchange at the link above.

Coulter uses media headlines describing Muslim fears after each terrorist attack


CBS News: White Nationalists in Charlottesville fear backlash after attack-

This may be why Trump is not ruling out military action against Venezuela's regime

Daily Wire:
Report: Marco Rubio May Be Target Of Assassination Order By Venezuelan Official

According to Patricia Mazzei of the Miami Herald, Diosdado Cabello Rondon, a drug lord and an influential figure within Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan government, may have placed a hit order on Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).
... It looks like Trump's warning was an attempt to quash the effort to murder a US senator.  It is a further indication of how the socialist have turned Venezuela into a narco state.  It has been mainly a transit hub for Colombian cartels in recent years.

'White Lives Matter" event planned for Texas A&M

Washington Examiner:
White supremacist Richard B. Spencer will headline a "White Lives Matter" protest at Texas A&M University on Sept. 11.

Event organizer Preston Wiginton confirmed Spencer's attendance Sunday, the day after 32-year-old Heather Heyer was killed by a man who drove a car into a crowd of people protesting a "Unite The Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va.

"The event will be to protest the liberal anti-white agenda which includes white guilt which leads to white genocide," Wiginton told The Battalion, Texas A&M's student newspaper. "And the other purpose of the event will be to sponsor white identity and white pride in which white lives do matter. This is not an anti-brown event or anti-black event, this is an anti-liberal event."

Amy Smith, Texas A&M's executive vice president for marketing and communications, said Wiginton's ideas were the antithesis of those held by the school, which previously hosted …